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Milan. Journalist of tv show “La Gabbia” attacked in massage parlour

He urged for the tax receipt. Attacked along with the operator, the camera was damaged. He pressed charges

“I was pushed and pulled. Eventually, after a long struggle I fell to the ground and I hurt my right hand. For this reason, on February 26, 2015 I ended up in the emergency room. Result: four days of prognosis for multiple bruises”, says Marco Ferini, journalist of the TV show La Gabbia, broadcast on La7 every Sunday.

The attack was the culmination of the journalist report “Erotic Massages and no tax receipt” aired on March 1st and made incognito by visiting some of the approximately two hundred massage parlours in Milan, many of which have proved to be fake, as a cover for other activities.

“At first – says the journalist to Ossigeno – I entered with a hidden camera in various massage parlours run by the Chinese. The impact was shocking, because many of these proposed sexual performances, disguised with fake massages. After my refusal and after getting a massage, none of the managers made us a receipt, as I had instead asked. It was the owner of one of these facilities that pushed me away abruptly. At that point, I went out and then back in with the cameraman and the camera in plain sight to demand an explanation. But at that point the man started yelling at us, also breaking the camera.”

Before going to the hospital for an X-ray to the hand, Ferini called the police and reported what happened.

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