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Milan. Judge orders “Il Giornale” to compensate Travaglio

For three articles deemed defamatory. The chief editor of Il Fatto Quotidiano: “I have not sued the journalists but the publisher because of a campaign against me”

The chief editor of the daily Il Fatto Quotidiano, Marco Travaglio, in February 2011 sued the publishing company of the newspaper Il Giornale for a campaign considered defamatory, “conducted for years and by more signatures with insults and false facts”, through the publication of 49 articles.

After four years, the court issued a statement whereby three of those articles were actually defamatory. As such Il Giornale must compensate Travaglio with 18 thousand euro in damages, as well as seven thousand euro in legal fees. The news was reported on April 1st, 2015 by the same Travaglio on Il Fatto Quotidiano.


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