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Ostia. Threats against Federica Angeli by representatives of two antimafia associations

The last intimidation came on April 19th from Facebook. “With the reporter they use a kind of language typical of the mafia” the senator and commissioner of the PD of Ostia Stefano Esposito said

Federica Angeli, La Repubblica journalist forced to live under police protection for almost two years, is the victim of insults and threats by members of two anti-Mafia associations of Ostia. The last intimidation came to the reporter on April 19th by PieroFierro, Roman manager of the Citizens against the mafia and corruption association. In a message posted on his Facebook wall, he wrote: “Now I understand why you wag it this way, if the truth comes out and they take away protection, my dear marketter, its gonna be dixx for you for all that you have done in these two years …”.

Other threats have come to Ms Angeli from Paula Filipe De Jesus and Andrea Schiavone, both responsible for the anti-mafia association Luna Nuova of Ostia. “The threats that these people have thrown at me through their personal profiles and those of the self-styled anti-mafia associations of which they are responsible, are being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office, which started on March 8th of last year following a complaint I filed” the journalist says. “At that time, I received on my Facebook page from Paula Dejesus a photo of white calla accompanied by the words “to the anti-mafia heroin (if you don’t know the meaning of the flowers, look it up on Google)”. The message of those flowers is associated with people who die young”, Angeli adds.


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