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Ostia. Yet more threats against Federica Angeli, journalist under protection

One of the members of the Spada clan of Ostia insulted with a post on Facebook the reporter and Stefano Esposito, PD senator and commissioner of the same town

Federica Angeli, reporter of La Repubblica forced to live under police protection for more than a year and a half, was the victim of yet more threats: this time it was Roberto Spada, one of the members of the eponymous clan of Ostia of which the journalist had denounced the malfeasance.

Sword threw threats against Ms Angeli and against the senator and commissioner of the PD of Ostia Stefano Esposito from his Facebook profile on March 26th, in response to an article by Giovanna Vitale appeared on La Repubblica a few days before. In the article, Esposito commented on the resignation by the mini-mayor, or the administrator of the district, Andrea Tassone (caused by heavy mafia infiltration in his town hall) and the joy expressed by the Spadas on social networks. The final part of the same article was posted Ms Angeli on her Facebook profile.


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