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Senator announces lawsuit against Marco Travaglio

Vincenzo D’Anna against the chief editor of Il FattoQuotidiano, accused of having “maliciously” tied his name to that of Nicola Cosentino

Senator Vincenzo D’Anna has announced plans to sue the chief editor of the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano Marco Travaglio. According to what the politician, vice president of the GAL group (GS, LA-nS, MPA, NPSI, PPI, IDV), but elected in Campania in the ranks of the PDL-Fi, says, a journalist in his column “Ma mi facciailpiacere” (Puh-lease, translator’s note) on April 13th “maliciously tied” his name to that of Nicola Cosentino, a former Member of the Berlusconi government, “and not as a thirty-year old acquaintance – the senator explains – but as an expression of that varied criminal world known as the Casalesi clan”.


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