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Unwelcome article for Atalanta hooligans. Threats and insults against reporter

A banner and chants against Matteo Spini, collaborator of the Gazzetta dello Sport. On Facebook, a user invites the journalist to “go home”

A banner with an insult written in block letters, chants, threats in private messages and comments on social networks. The journalist Matteo Spini, collaborator of the Gazzetta dello Sport and of the Eco di Bergamo, has come under fire of the hooligans of the Atalanta football club after an article published on gazzetta.it on Saturday, April 11th in which the reporter recounted the five minutes stop of the team’s open doors practice session by some fans and the ensuing speech given by one of the leaders to the players. The next day, during the Serie A match between Atalanta and Sassuolo, outside the stadium, a banner was posted with an inscription in red and black “Matteo Spini worm”. The reporter, against which chants were sung, was not at the stadium following the advice of his chief editors and of the Digos unit of Bergamo because of the tense atmosphere that had been created against him. “I was at home – he tells Ossigeno – and these days I’m working from home. I hope that the situation will calm down as soon as possible because I want to get back to doing my job”.

It all began with a short article published on the website of the Gazzetta: “It was dictated on the go – Spini explains – and it was online for half an hour before a modified new version was published, and with a new title, as soon as I got back home.” Meanwhile, however, the screenshot (screenshot of the news) with the first version signed by the reporter began to bounce around Facebook groups and fan forums of Bergamo. From there, insults and threats began. A user writes in a comment: “But is there anyone who will go to Matteo’s Spini house?”.


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