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Benevento. Journalist attacked after a match

Billy Nuzzolillo had attended the match Puglianiello vs. Virtus Goti in the first division. “Write about this too”: they shouted during the attack.

On May 9th, 2015, at the end of the game Puglianiello vs. Virtus Goti, ten hooligan supporters of the team of Sant’Agata dei Goti attacked and beat up the journalist for Sannio Press, Billy Nuzzolillo.

The reporter, founder of the blog of local information, is also press officer of the City of Benevento, and last year he was president of the team Real Cerreto. He said that during the attack the hooligans have often repeated: “Now write this as well.” Medicated at the emergency room of Cerreto Sannita for multiple bruises and abrasions from aggression, Nuzzolillo reported the incident the next morning at the Carabinieri station of Amorosi, even managing to provide the names of two attackers.

For the journalist the story is linked to a series of articles signed by him, not appreciated by the Virtus Goti. “The articles relate to an aggression from a year ago against the Real Cerreto, to a decision by the Police Commissioner of Benevento to deny entry to guest fans during the match against Dionis Castelvenere and to a condemnation I expressed for racist chanting by the supporters of Virtus Goti against a black player playing for the Vitulano”, Nuzzolillo says, stressing his firm will to continue writing and stand up to the values he believes in.


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