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Bill on defamation. House will vote in june, the speaker Verini announces

The announcement during the training course by Ossigeno at the National Central Library of Rome. Debate between the MP, OdG and FNSI

The bill on defamation will be approved by the Chamber of Deputies before the summer break with a few changes, and therefore will have to go back to the Senate for ratification. This was announced by the speaker Walter Verini on Friday, May 22, 2015 during a professional training course for journalists entitled “Adjustments and defamation. A good practice to exercise rights and obligations”, organized by Ossigeno per L’Informazione at the National Library in Rome, during which Verini was confronted publicly with the president of the Order of Journalists, Enzo Iacopino, with the President of the FNSI, Santo Della Volpe, and teachers of the course.

Parliament has been discussing the bill on libel since 2013, where the main goal is to replace imprisonment with fines. The text returned to the Chamber of Deputies after the Senate introduced some changes. It is currently before the Justice Committee of the Lower House. Parliament has been reveling on this reform for years without coming to a conclusion. This work never ends, said Alberto Spampinato, Director of Ossigeno, it recalls Homer’s Penelope, who weaves during the day and at unfolds during the night. Meanwhile, Spampinato added, we continue to condemn journalists to prison: in the last four years, according to our data, he added, at least twenty journalists have been sentenced to prison for a total of sixteen years in prison. But it is only what we can see, because the statistics of the Ministry of Justice on these convictions are not disclosed. It would be useful to know them.


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