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Camorra. Sandro Ruotolo under police protection. Death threats from boss in prison

Michele Zagaria, intercepted, asks to skin him alive. The origin of the threats was an interview with the ‘repentant’ Carmine Schiavone. The shadow of a “negotiation”

The journalist Sandro Ruotolo of the TV show Servizio Pubblico is under police protection following death threats received from the boss of the Casalesi clan of the Camorra, Michele Zagaria, who is in prison in solitary confinement. The protection detail has been allocated by the prefect of Rome, Franco Gabrielli, with an urgency measure, pending the meeting of the provincial committee for order and safety and their formal adoption of the decision. Michele Zagaria, intercepted in prison, says: “‘O vogl’squartat’ viv ‘” (in dialect: “I want him skinned alive”). The news of the allocation of the detail was announced on May 5th, 2015 from the website of the TV show broadcast on La7.

At the origin of the threats there is a report by SerivizioPubblico on the pollution from toxic waste in the so-called Land of Fires, broadcast on La7 on 29 December 2013. During the episode, among other things, Ruotolo’s interview to Carmine Schiavone, camorra thug turned collaborator of justice and prosecution witness and who died in February 2015, was also aired.

“There is evidence of recent contacts between Zagaria, when he was a fugitive, and the secret service. But we are talk of the first decade of the twenty-first century” the journalist says in one of the passages of the interview so as to solicit Schiavone to talk. “I can’t tell you anything more. You’ll know it when it’s time”, was Schiavone’s reply.


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