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Complaints. Alfano announces them to “Il Giornale” and “L’Espresso”

After an investigation on what the weekly called “the business of Alfano’s lobby”. The Minister: hatred and defamatory intent against me

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano on April 17 announced he would sue in both civil and criminal Courts the daily Il Giornale and its chief editor Alessandro Sallusti, and has also threatened legal action against L’Espresso. This after the publication, on the same day, of an investigation by Emiliano Fittipaldi, republished by the daily, on what were called “the business of Alfano’s lobby”.

The articles tell of advice that the minister’s wife, Tiziana Miceli, obtained from Consap, the agency for public insurance services controlled by the Ministry of Economy, which provides services to the Ministries of Interior and Economic Development. According to Alfano, the Milanese daily would have treated him, in the last sixteen months, under a mood of “hate at times savage”, overstepping “the lines of defamation” “in many circumstances.

This time the line was crossed, on the one hand in a more unacceptable way, because it is not just about me but about my wife, involving her as a professional as well as because she is my partner”


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