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Defamation. Siena, blogger acquitted: he wrote about the powers that be

In books and on the blog L’Eretico di Siena, Raffaele Ascheri has been recounting the intertwining of the powers of Siena for years. Sued by two prelates for the expression “Banda della curiana”

For years the blog L’Eretico di Siena was the only voice in the wilderness to denounce the plots between the powers of the Sienese. Of that “harmonious tangle”, as Stefano Bisi, former editor of the Corriere di Siena and Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, called it, made up of “plots, friendships and mutual pleasure.” Raffaele Ascheri’s profession is not a journalist, but he is a professor of Italian and history in a middle school in Siena. But in the city he is known by all, indeed, as “The Heretic of Siena.” Ascheri, on Friday, April 17th, was acquitted because the crime does not exist from the charge of aggravated defamation by a court in Siena. In the trial he was accused of defaming the archbishop of Siena Antonio Buoncristiani and Monsignor Giuseppe Acampa.

Judge Pier Andrea Valchera issued the ruling, after the prosecutor had asked for 30 days in prison. Both online, and in his self-produced books La Casta di SienaLe Mani sulla Città and Mussari Giuseppe. Una Biografia (non autorizzata) Ascheri told for years of the relations and interests between the local powers: PD, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Curia. And, in many cases, anticipated the events which in recent years have overwhelmed the Tuscan city. Among his scoops, in March 2012, one year before the story became public, the announcement of the Alexandria-Nomura case for which there is an ongoing trial against the former directors of MPS.


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