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Defamation. Three journalists acquitted in Verona

Paolo Tessadri, Antonello Caporale and the editor Antonio Padellaro of the daily Il Fatto Quotidiano were accued by the AGEC because of articles on soup kitchens

On May 9th, 2015, as reported by the Corriere di Verona, the investigating judge of Rome Maria Agrimi announced not to proceed against the journalists of the daily Il Fatto Quotidiano Paolo Tessadri and Antonello Caporale (as well as the then editor Antonio Padellaro), who had been sued by the AGEC following some articles on the investigation by the prosecution of Verona on the municipal company. The decision to denounce the journalists had been announced by the mayor of the city of Venice, Flavio Tosi, on October 30th, 2013, following a number of articles published in the days before by the Roman newspaper.

Tessadri, in particular, had been sued for an article in which he gave account of a “shocking” phone conversation where one of the defendants, who was discussing of rebates on public procurement contracts for soup kitchens, said that children would have had eaten “sand” instead of meat. Caporale, on the other hand, had signed a very hard comment entitled “Politicians who steal from children’s soups”. In both cases, according to the court, the journalists did not defame anyone, respecting the contents of judicial acts and exercising freedom of the press and of critique.


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