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Mafia. Vittoria (Ragusa province). Facebook threats against Paolo Borrometi. “More protection needed”

The journalist under police protection received them after an article about the mafia presence in the market of Vittoria and posted on his blog. Solidarity from Order of Jouralists Sicily and members of parliament

“You won’t last long”, “not everyone is scared by making you eat mud, cop!”, “worm” and other heavy insults are some of the threats that Paolo Borrometi – 31 years old journalist who lives under police protection since last August – has received on Facebook after writing an article about the mafia infiltration in the market of Vittoria (in the province of Ragusa). The article was published on April 7th from La Spia, the online journal of Modica of which Borrometi is an editor.

“The threats came with comments and posts on the profile of La Spia from people linked to organized crime, with precedents or ongoing trials for criminal association. The first threat came from the brother of the boss of Vittoria; the last one was an image of a funeral poster with the words “Die! All of you!” Borrometi tells Ossigeno.


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