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Milan. Racket auctions. Threatened Corriere della Sera reporter a Carabiniere investigated

In 2013 Elisabetta Andreis received a threatening phone call. According to the investigation, the call started from the antechamber of the President of the Court of Appeal

The brigadier of the Carabinieri Roberto Scapoli, for years head of the detail of the President of the Court of Appeal of Milan, Giovanni Canzio, is under investigation by the prosecutor of Milan for alleged threats against the journalist Elisabetta Andreis, reporter for the Corriere della Sera. The magistrate, on the other hand, is unconnected to the facts. The reporter had received a threatening phone call while, on behalf of her newspaper; she was conducting a journalistic investigation on the adjudications of judicial auctions. Specifically, she was investigating on a public tender announced by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan with Expo funds to be awarded to a company the publishing online of the notices of auctions of the Court of Milan. The tender, which was won with a very steep rebate of 72.5%, has come under the scrutiny of the Anticorruption Authority led by Raffaele Cantone.

Ms Andreis, a professional journalist, received a threatening phone call on January 10, 2013 and immediately denounced the fact. In the call the anonymous caller had asked the reporter’s whereabouts at that time. “And where do you go to work? You better answer – he says before hanging up – or we’ll do it”.

To reveal the details of the investigation, conducted by prosecutor Paolo Filippini, was Il Fatto Quotidiano with two articles by Gianni Barbacetto published on Thursday 14 and Friday 15, May 2015, the first entitled “Palace of Justice, the spy and the reporter” and the secondo “The contract with Expo funds, Canzio and the spy.” The content of the articles was confirmed by judiciary quarters.


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