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Reggio Calabria: burned the house, car and scooter of a sports reporter

It happened in the night of May 3, 2015. Lorenzo Vitto (Gazzetta dello Sport and Stretto Web) was not at home

Lorenzo Vitto, known sportscaster who has been covering the Reggina Calcio for years, risked being engulfed by the fire that on the night of May 3rd destroyed his car and his scooter and invested his home in Reggio Calabria. Fortunately for him he was not at home. Firefighters and investigators of the state police have yet to establish the cause of the fire, which could have been started deliberately. Lorenzo Vitto filed a complaint against unknown persons and asked to ascertain how it happened.

The flames expanded from the car parked in front of the house. In a short time the fire has caused the explosion of the fuel tank. Following a chain reaction, also the house and the scooter parked right by the door caught fire.

The journalist received several statements of solidarity, the first by the union and by the Order of Journalists of Calabria, from local administrators and the Reggina football club, which Vitto often wrote about in his reporting and to which he also addressed many criticisms.

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