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Reporter attaccked while filming outside a construction site

Wolf Marongiu was punched in the street. The camera was broken. The hospital diagnosed 15 days of prognosis and a micro fracture

On May 7th, 2015 he was filming the entrance to a construction site recently opened in San Giuliano Terme, in the province of Pisa, when a man who, after warning not to record anything, attacked him and hit him with a fist. Wolf Marongiu, reporter for the website San Giuliano Terme Web TV, was forced to go to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed a micro fracture of the third rib with 15 days of prognosis.

The aggression has been recorded by a video that Marongiu then published on the blog and his Facebook page. “I was planning to do a very short and quick story – he tells Ossigeno – after several reports from citizens. I first took a few shots from afar, and then I got closer”. In the video it is then possible to see a man coming out of the construction site where a firm is working on behalf of the Italian railway network (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana). “He did not want me to shoot – explains Marongiu, 46 years old and not registered with the Order of Journalists – I explained that I was on public soil. But he first moved towards my car, and then slapped me.” The blogger thus lost his balance. “He kept saying: I’ll punch your brains out”- he says – but I managed to block him.” The camera, however, broke on impact and died out shortly after. The news outlet for which Marongiu works, deals with town news. “It’s the first time that something like this happens to me, and I hope it’ll be the last.” The reporter received solidarity from the Mayor of San Giuliano Terme Sergio Di Maio: “The authorities – the mayor said – will ensure the responsibility for this serious incident.”


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