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Rome. The city council prohibits teachers to speak with journalists

With a reserved directive, dated April 22, 2015, the Head of the Schooling Department, Mariarosaria Turchi, urged teachers not to talk to reporters

The Capital’s city council has banned teachers to comment to reporters, including through social networks, the negotiations on the decentralized contract, lest they incur disciplinary punishment. At stake, the directive says, there would be “the prestige of the Capital”. “The provision by the city of Rome slips into the path, reiterated in other contexts, of limitation of the freedom of expression,” the secretary of the Roman Press Association, Lazzaro Pappagallo, said in a statement also suggesting the city council to “honor the prestige of the capital by guaranteeing transparency and pluralism of behaviors even when these do not result in majority-aligned thoughts.”

“We are forced to believe that the current administration of Roma Capitale gives an unduly restrictive view of Article 21 of the Constitution,” say the national secretary of the Order of Journalists, Paolo Pirovano, and the National Councilor, Alessandro Sansoni. “We expect – as the statement issued by the two members of the Order recites – from the mayor Marino an explicit distancing from this intimidating attitude”.


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