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Threatening texts against reporter of “Le Iene”

Matteo Viviani received a message in which he was ordered to suspend his work as a reporter. To Ossigeno he declares: “I filed a complaint and I’m going on”

“SUSPEND FROM PUBLIC SERVICE it is bad people prepping your last suit. not using your Maserati anymore? perfumes everything ok? check out p.o. box soon. lst wrn” (literal translation of original).

This is the message that Matteo Viviani, reporter for the TV show Le Iene broadcast on Italia Uno, has received on his mobile phone at 10.20 on Thursday April 16th.

The sender has not yet been identified, but the message was sent from a phone booth near Caserta. “There is no evidence – Viviani explains to Ossigeno – but I think the message has been sent to dissuade me from airing the last report I had just completed.” The report was then broadcast the same evening: it is the second part of an investigation that denounces the harassment a girl had to undergo in the convent of the Minor Capuchin Friars of San Giovanni Rotondo (WATCH the report here).

Viviani has chosen to report the incident to the Police, “because – he says – I think it’s the best thing to do. To not expose this facts when they occur means leaving fertile ground for those who use these tools of intimidation. Despite the threats, I will continue on with my work.”


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