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Treviglio (Bergamo province). Video reporter attacked, solidarity demonstration

The story of the reporter attacked on April 25, 2015. Motion by the City Council in his support. On May 4th public meeting organized by the Regional councilor Mr Sorte

In the afternoon he filmed the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of April 25 in Treviglio (in the province of Bergamo) and the complaints to the mayor of a group of an anti-fascist citizen collective. In the evening, at the gate of his house, Emilio Zanenga – owner and video reporter for the newspaper Treviglio.tv – was assaulted, threatened with death and insulted by two people in the group. He received a punch and was thrown into a hedge. “I was a victim of a proper ambush. This is most serious because it can set a precedent. That is why the solidarity that has been expressed in my support from many colleagues and institutional representatives is essential,” Zanenga says to Ossigeno.

The Treviglio City Council unanimously approved on April 29th a resolution expressing solidarity with the reporter. Alessandro Sorte, councilor of the Lombardy Region from Treviglio, organized an open meeting in the township of 30 thousand inhabitants on May 4th to support the video reporter.


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