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Defamation bill. Franco Abruzzo: bad points and heavy shadows

The well-known journalist lists the weaknesses of the text, prepared by the House Judiciary Committee for a vote in the Chamber of Deputies, that seeks to abolish the penalty of imprisonment

“The reform bill approved by the House Judiciary Committee has some positive and many negative aspects. There are lights and shadows, but the shadows are really heavy”, says Franco Abruzzo, former president of the Order of Journalists of Milan.

A Lierna, on the banks of the Como Lake, on June 5th, 2015, in his report at a conference on defamation, Franco Abruzzo added: the prison sentence has been abolished, but it has been replaced with exaggerated fines. The disproportionate fines scheme (which ranges from 5 thousand to 50 thousand euro) is a limit on press freedom: this is damaging to all citizens, who will receive fewer news on the palaces of power. The Strasbourg Court has criticized such intimidating rules. As such, there is only one medicine: write whatever you want while respecting the truth and dignity of persons. Only in this way it is possible to avoid the hammer of justice.”


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