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Enna. They defamed a reporter. Press Association and order of journalists file lawsuit

To trial the two authors of a leaflet that addressed false accusations against Cristina Puglisi and a former police officer

The Court of Enna admitted on June 19, 2015 the claim by the Order of Journalists of Sicily and the provincial section of the Press Association of Enna to be included among the prosecutors in the trial against the so-called “crows” of Nicosia: the two alleged perpetrators of a defamatory flyer left on February 12, 2013 behind the shutters of shops, that insulted heavily the journalist Cristina Puglisi and the former police officer of the Nicosia constabulary Daniele Manganaro.

The prosecution by the Order and the union, represented by the lawyer Salvatore Timpanaro (the legal team that is also assisting Ms Puglisi), have been accepted by the monocratic judge Andrea Agate.


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