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“L’Espresso” anticipates papal encyclical, Vatican excludes journalist

The Vatican specialist has sanctioned the dean Sandro Magister. He can no longer access the Press Room. He says: “No conspiracy, my editor decided”

The director of the Press Office of the Holy See has indefinitely suspended the accreditation of the dean and journalist Sandro Magister, 72 years old, Vatican specialist and correspondent of L’Espresso, because his newspaper published in advance the text of the new encyclical of Pope Francis May You Be Praised on June 15, 2015, three days before the official publication. The decision is unprecedented and has raised controversy among Vatican experts. Magister told ilfattoquotidiano.it to want to “abide in silence the decision taken by Father Lombardi, having no reason to challenge the adopted sanction.”

The Vatican specialist, though, firmly rejects “the shadow of an anti-papal plot” vented by some, explaining that “the decision to publish the text was made by the editor of L’Espresso, who was able to have it, but not from the official channels such as the Office of the Holy See and the Libreria Editrice Vaticana.”


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