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Mafia. Publisher Ciancio to trial. Order of Journalists of Sicily might also sue

“We are investigating this possibility”, the president Riccardo Arena said. A feasibility opinion was requested to the lawyer Dario Pastore. The hearing on June 19th in Catania

The Council of the Order of Journalists of Sicily, of which Riccardo Arena is president, will decide in the coming days whether to sue Mario Ciancio, a journalist member of his Regional Register and a publisher from Catania. The trial will begin on June 19th, 2015 in Catania. Ciancio is accused of collusion with the Mafia.
Mario Ciancio, 83 years old, is no ordinary defendant. He is the most powerful publisher of Sicily and Southern Italy. He has been for many years the owner of the newspaper La Sicilia, the dominant newspaper in southeastern Sicily, of which for a long time he has also been the chief editor, and owns stakes in some of the most popular newspapers of the South, making him the leader of the most important publishing group of the South.


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