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Nettuno. Entrepreneur accuses “Il Granchio” of defamation and stalking

He believes to be the victim of a campaign of persecution. Ivo Iannozzi, editor of the newspaper, replies: we are journalists, we only report facts

After the publication of an article on alleged irregularities in some extension works for the Town Sports Hall of Nettuno, the entrepreneur Marcello Armocida, president of the Local Association of Nettuno and manager of the sports facility, filed charges to the Guardia di Finanza against Ivo Iannozzi, editor of the Anzio-Nettuno daily Il Granchio, accusing him of libel and stalking, claiming to be haunted by a press campaign of his newspaper that has been going on for three years.

The events described in the article date back to 2002, but have been known and published by the Il Granchio in May 2015. “As we learned new facts – Iannozzi says – we have written several articles and published them. So how can you accuse us of being some persecutors? We just do our job as journalists. This complaint tastes of intimidation.”

The Press Association of Rome described the complaints of the entrepreneur as “paradoxical”, and as “yet another deviation from a healthy dialogue with the control function of the press.”


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