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Ragusa. Threats to Borrometi. Police is investigation and weapons seizure

Searches and charges against authors of Facebook threats against journalists; some with a criminal record. Order of Journalists of Sicily thanks prefect and police commissioner

On the 27th May, 2015 the police unit of Ragusa has searched the houses of residents in Ragusa and the towns of Vittoria and Comiso while investigation on the authors of Facebook threats against a journalist who has written numerous articles on mafia incidents in the province. The journalist is Paolo Borrometi, who has been living under police protection since September 2014 following the threats and attacks received after publishing news on mafia activities in the area. During police operations, illegally held firearms were seized. The president of the Order of Journalists of Sicily, Riccardo Arena, has renewed his solidarity to Borrometi and has thanked the prefect and the police commissioner for having responded to the call for an inquiry and for uncovering the culprits

The threats coming from those being held as suspects, the Police says, were serious and explicit. Indeed, one of them published a picture with him holding a shotgun. Two of those searched had a rich criminal record and have been charged with illegal possession of firearms, since in their garages over one hundred bullets and a bomb were found, and which await the ballistic analysis by the scientific police.


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