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Santoro loses 30 thousands euros in clash with Mediaset

In 2011 he said that Berlusconi had scuppered his negotiations with La7. The Court of Milan sentenced him for aggravated defamation

Michele Santoro must pay Mediaset 30 thousand euros in compensation following a conviction for aggravated defamation pronounced on June 5th, 2015 by the Court of Milan. The group owned by Mr Berlusconi had sued over allegations made by the journalist in 2011.
At the time, Santoro had entered into negotiations with La7 for hosting his talk show on the network, born out of generalist channels. The network had shown interest, but then everything was blocked. According to Santoro, it was Berlusconi’s companies of that hindered the agreementl, and said so clearly. Now the court ruled in favor of the Mediaset’s protests. The ruling states that the Santoro’s claims were unfounded by facts.


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