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Basilicata. Journalist films and Carabiniere loosens holster

Maurizio Bolognetti, journalist of Radio Radicale, was filming the outside of the Oli Centre of Viggiano. He says: “It was an ugly act of intimidation”

A reporter is filming with the camera the outside of the Oli Centre of Viggiano, in Basilicata. A policeman asks him to stop filming and while he says it he loosens the holster. It happened on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015. The journalist Maurizio Bolognetti, chronicler and reporter of Radio Radicale and Secretary of the Radical Party of Basilicata, reported the incident and published the scene on Youtube. “It was an ugly act of intimidation – Bolognetti comments – I felt an intimidating attitude from the first to the last second.”

After having announced he would have, Bolognetti went to Viggiano, in the province of Potenza, to shoot some footage for a documentary that he is producing, called “holes in the ground” and to verify a loss of water from oil wastes from a tank that had been reported to him.


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