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Brescello. Policeman-reporter fired, wins lawsuit against city

Donato Ungaro 13 years ago was accused of violating the confidentiality of the administration. The Supreme Court proved him right. Now he wants his job back

In 2002 Donato Ungaro was a traffic cop for the City of Brescello (in the province of Reggio Emilia). He was also correspondent for the daily Gazzetta di Reggio. The mayor had authorized him to supplement his pay by cultivating his passion for journalism. Then came an article published in the newspaper that was unwelcome to the mayor of the time, Ermes Coffrini, who fired him. According to him, he had spread confidential information from the city administration. Ungaro appealed. After thirteen years of court battles, he won the war. On June 11th, 2015, the Supreme Court also proved him right. On 22 July 2015, the Court of Reggio Emilia will discuss the compensation due by the City to the journalist. It may well be a cash compensation or reinstatement to the ranks of the city police corps. After the hardships of these years, Ungaro hopes that he will get his job back.

“After being fired – he explains – it was very difficult to get by. I stopped working with La Gazzetta di Reggio but I continued to be a journalist. I became a professional journalist in 2005, and I then collaborated with La Gazzetta di Parma, TvParma, L’Unità, TG La7, TeleReggio and Mantova TV. Unfortunately, I never had a full time employment contract, but only ever collaboration agreements. I currently have a job as bus driver in Bologna. I hope that after the hearing of 22 July I will be reinstated within the city police of Brescello.”


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