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Marsala. Journalists accused of failure to rectify have been acquitted

Editor and reporter for Canale 2 were being sued for libel for not having reported the error contained in a police statement
On July 6th, 2015, the journalists Nicola Baldarotta and Paola Musumeci, to trial at the Court of Marsala on charges of libel, were acquitted. The judges ruled that they correctly exercised the freedom of the press and are therefore not punishable. The prosecutor had asked for both of the accused a sentence of four months in prison.
In 2010, when they were, respectively, editor and reporter of the television station Canale 2 of Marsala (in the province of Trapani), Nicola Baldarotta and Paola Musumeci had inaccurately reported the arrest of a person involved in the judicial investigation also known as “Golem 2”: by referring incorrectly on the content of a press release issued by the police, among those arrested they had entered the name of a person who, however, was only being investigated. The police had then corrected the statement, but Canale 2 had not. As such the trial against the reporters was sparked, as already reported by Ossigeno.


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