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Security alarm launched by L’Espresso for Nello Trocchia

On June 10th, 2015 a boss of the Camorra said “I’ll crack his skull.” Yet no protection measure for the journalist
The journalist Nello Trocchia has learned from a confidential note of the Carabinieri to be in the crosshairs of two Camorra men who plan serious retaliations against him and use phrases that are considered explicit threats. Trocchia is worried because the Carabinieri reported it to the Anti-mafia prosecutor of Naples on June 10th, 2015 and a month later yet no protection measure for him has been set up. So far, the reporter has not been officially informed of the threats against him. The incident was reported exclusively by Giovanni Tizian through an article on l’Espresso.it.
The Carabinieri have placed aerial phone taps, recording the voices of two brothers, a boss of the Camorra in prison and his brother, who discuss about punishing the journalist who published news and inquiries about them. The terms used are grim: “I have to split that reporter’s skull and then they can arrest me”, the boss’s brother says. From the subsequent dialogue, it follows that the two know well enough the working spaces of the journalist.
After the note through which the Carabineri informed the Prosecutor on June 10, the journalist has yet to be summoned or informed officially.
Ossigeno expresses solidarity to Nello Trocchia and calls for the Prefecture and the Attorney General of Naples to take the most appropriate protection measures they can provide with utter urgency.


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