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Threats to Trocchia. MPs urge Interior Minister

Parliamentary inquiries by the PD and SEL 35 days after the reporting of threats. Solidarity and concern

The deputies of the Democratic Party and the far-left wing part SEL presented two parliamentary inquiries to the Interior Minister Angelino Alfano to ask for his intervention on the issue of the journalist Nello Trocchia, for which, despite death threats from a boss of the Camorra received 35 days ago, no protection measure has yet been activated. The news was reported by fattoquotidiano.it.

“We ask the minister – as the inquiry signed by SEL deputies, Arturo Scotto and Celeste Costantino, reads – whether he doesn’t deem proper and urgent to intervene in order to verify the reasons for which protection measures for Mr Trocchia have not yet been taken, and to ensure that the most appropriate possible actions are taken immediately”.

The PD MP Ernesto Magorno, addressing the minister Alfano, said: “It is hard to understand why the necessary safety measures have not yet even been arranged, since it is unacceptable to leave alone those who risk their lives to fight lawlessness through the exercise of their profession.” Magorno, on July 13th, had brought to the attention of the President of the Anti-Mafia Commission Rosy Bindi the case of Trocchia, asking her “to intervene urgently through the relevant bodies to ensure that it can be established what had happened and clarify the reasons for this delay.” “I have no news” Nello Trocchia confirmed to Ossigeno. “For the moment I only have the solidarity of colleagues.”


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