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Defamation. Penne (Pescara). Journalist and interviewee acquitted

They were sued in 2011 by the Director General of the ASL of Pescara. They will appeal for legal fees

The offense does not constitute a crime. With this motivation, on July 16th, 2015, the judge of the Court of Chieti Ms Antonella Redaelli acquitted the journalist Berardo Lupacchini, editor of the monthly Lacerba, and Gabriele Pasqualone, councilor of the City of Penne (in the province of Pescara), nurse and union representative at the local hospital, from the charge of libel. The journalist announced that he will appeal to obtain compensation for the legal costs incurred.

The process began in 2011 from a lawsuit by Claudio D’Amario, director general of the ASL of Pescara, who considered offensive some criticism from union leader Pasqualone in an interview by Lupacchini. In February 2013, at the preliminary hearing, the judge had ordered the trial for both defendants. At the trial, the Director General was a victim who claimed damages.

“I will appeal – Berardo Lupacchini told Ossigeno – to demand that the plaintiff covers my costs. Among other things, D’Amario has claimed damages in the criminal proceedings both as an individual citizen and as an ASL manager, and as such part of his legal expenses will be covered by the company”.


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