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Cagliari. Journalist and operator beaten during filming

Upon arriving at a Gypsy camp they were hit and kicked by some young people. The journalist Antonello Lai says: I denounce the violent, I do not accuse the Roma

In the morning of September 9 Antonello Lai, journalist of TCS, local television station of Cagliari, and the operator Matteo Campulla, who accompanied him, were attacked and beaten by some young people in a small Roma camp illegally built on Route 554 near Cagliari, where they had gone with the intent to document the difficult living conditions of the families living there. To the reporter’s questions the young inhabitants of the camp have responded first with threats and then with fists and kicks. After the attack the two were healed in a hospital. The reporter was given six stitches and prescribed 10 days prognosis, whereas the operator received a one week prognosis.

The journalist reported the assault but distanced himself from those who addressed accusations indiscriminately against the Roma community. “I took the hits – Antonello Lai said – and I was stitched up, but I do not fall into the trap of those who put all the eggs in one basket. I hope that this episode does not give an opportunity for easy generalizations against the Roma”.

“When we arrived – Lai told Ossigeno – four young men of about 18 years old came towards us. I started asking questions. It was immediately clear that our presence was not wanted. Those guys verbally threatened us. They ordered the operator to turn off the camera and tried to take it away. They didn’t do it because I intervened and I said not to touch it. But it sparked the aggression.”


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