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Deadline for suing had expired. The court of appeal discovers it

The journalist Minieri, sued in 2009 for an article published in the Nuova Gazzetta di Caserta, had already been sentenced in the first degree

On March 24, 2015, the Court of Appeal of Salerno has acquitted of defamation the journalist Salvatore Minieri who in the first degree had been sentenced by the Monocratic Judge of the sub-office of the Court of Salerno (Mercato San Severino) to a term of six months of prison and to pay court costs. The Court has established the inadmissibility of the prosecution noting that the lawsuit was filed beyond the terms of law, i.e. due to a fact that was evident at the time of the lawsuit, in 2009.

“I’m a professional who lives of his job and was forced to undergo a long trial that should never have started – Minieri told Ossigeno -. I was even sentenced in the first degree. To defend myself I had to pay lawyers. I made huge sacrifices to cover the legal costs.”


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