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Defamation. Eni withdraws request of 25 million to Report of Rai

The oil company sued in 2012 had asked for an investigation by Milena Gabanelli. Towads a deal with the breakdown of legal fees

ENI would plan to withdraw the lawsuit for defamation and the demand for 25 million euros for damages presented against RAI and Milena Gabanelli and Paolo Mondani, authors of the televised investigation aired by the show Report known as “Delays with ENI”, broadcast in December 2012 . It was reported by the newspaper La Repubblica.

According to the Roman daily, a transaction would be in sight which is only missing the signature of the General Director of RAI. The agreement would provide a breakdown of legal fees between the two sides.

Against the decision by ENI to present a lawsuit, there was a strong reaction by citizens and a petition asking for a law against frivolous lawsuits.

In April of 2013 Ossigeno per L’Informazione also covered the affair.


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