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Defamation. Impounding for Verdini after lawsuit against “Il Fatto Quotidiano”

For a year he was sentenced to pay legal fees. Now perhaps he may ask the PDL to pay, of which he was the coordinator

On 1 July 2015 the bailiffs of the Court of Appeal of Florence have impounded two paintings and a library owned by Senator Denis Verdini, to cover 13,000 Euros in legal fees that the lawmaker must pay to the newspaper Il Fatto and to the journalist Wanda Marra, expenses that the judges of the Civil Court of Rome ordered to him pay on October 20, 2014, with the judgment which rejected his libel suit. The impounding was reported by the same daily.

The seized assets are a painting of the nineteenth century by Raoul Arus worth 5,000 Euros, a framework by Ademollo of an estimated worth of 25,000 Euros, and a library of lacquered wood evaluated at 6,000 euro. On October 29, 2015 in Florence there will be held the hearing to set the date of the auction of the seized assets. Verdini’s lawyer, Ignazio Abrignani, is considering whether to lodge an objection and argues that the 13,000 euro should be paid by the PDL since Verdini at the time was the coordinator of the party, and the “attack” was against the People of Freedoms.


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