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Genoa. At the stadium a banner against football commentator

“Freccero beware,” on August 12, 2015 the threatening markings said when exposed by fans of Sampdoria. The journalists’ union has protested: like this you spoil the sport

The name of the journalist Dario Freccero, editor of the newspaper “Il Secolo XIX”, well-known sports commentator, appeared in a threatening banner exposed by fans at the Stadium of Chiavari, on August 12, 2015 during the friendly football match between Sampdoria and Entella.

“Freccero beware” the writting said, hoisted in the area of the Sampdoria supporters. The Ligurian Association of Journalists and the Editorial Board of the Secolo XIX have expressed solidarity with the journalist and condemned the intolerance of the fans.

“What should Dario Freccero be careful to? Should he censor the news – trade unionists said – not to bother football clubs, in this case Sampdoria? He should not do his job so as not to disturb the balance of players and fans? It is with this type of attitudes, between victimhood and the threatening, that Italian sports lose credibility and Italy continues to slide lower and lower in the rankings on press freedom. We invite the Sampdoria fans not to damage the sport with their threats”, the Ligurian Association of Journalists and the editorial board of the Secolo XIX added.


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