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Hone taps. Fnsi: Unacceptable attacks to the right to report

The Secretary Raffaele Lorusso has expressed strong criticism on the content of the draft law under discussion in the Chamber of Deputies

The FNSI Secretary Raffaele Lorusso believes that the draft law before the House of Representatives to limit within more precise terms the right to publish the content of phone taps carried out by a court, actually “points clearly to settle accounts with the category of journalists, it aims to intimidate publishers and, above all, to protect members of the political world involved in various capacities in court proceedings.” Some MPs, Lorusso adds, manifest the “desire to gag journalists.” If the rules being debated were to be approved, he concludes, in Italy the ability to exercise the right to report would be even riskier.

In particular, Lorusso has called “unacceptable” the financial penalties proposed for those who publish news covered by secret “because in this way a form of preemptive censorship would be introduced” that every journalist would have the duty to challenge any time it becomes aware of news that, even if covered by secrecy, “is relevant to the public opinion.”


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