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Marche. Fans prevent journalist from conducting tv show

In San Benedetto, Giuseppe Ercoli could not reach the studios. “Here you never talh about Ascoli”, the hoolingans shouted. Solidarity from the union

On the evening of September 14, 2015, in San Benedetto del Tronto (in the Marche region) fifty hooligans of the Sanbenedettese, the local soccer team, blocked for over two and a half hours the access to the premises of the broadcaster Vera TV and prevented the journalist Giuseppe Ercoli from reaching the studios, where he was to conduct the TV show “TvB Calcio” (Football I Like You), devoted to the Serie B, that that night would have given space to the Ascoli Picchio team, historical rival of the Sanbenedettese. The entire team of VeraTv remained locked inside the building. The police intervened, seized footage and is investigating on the threatening gestures towards the reporter and his guests. Solidarity to Ercoli and to VeraTv was expressed by the Journalists’ union of Marche.

“Here you won’t talk about the Ascoli anymore, you can take your show at home”, were the ominous warnings shouted by the hooligans to Ercoli and the three people who were with him, forcing them back into the car. Among the reasons for the protest is the fact that the reporter is from Ascoli. “They opened the doors of our car and we were invited to go in – says the journalist – and leave. All this in a climate of serious intimidation. They told us not to come back, to be careful, that the show would not go on aired, not now not ever.”


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