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Messina. Covered with insults for having criticized a tent on a flowerbed

Solidarity by the Order of Journalist to the reporter Lucio D’Amico for the offensive wall writings appeared after a sarcastic piece on a form of protest was published

The Order of Journalists of Sicily and the editorial board of the newspaper La Gazzetta del Sud have expressed solidarity with the journalist Lucio D’Amico, deputy editor of the newspaper of Messina, and director of the local broadcaster Radio Televisione Peloritana Rtp, against who, on the night between 4th and 5th September, on the walls of the city center, seriously offensive wall writings have appeared.

The writings against D’Amico are attributable to an article “A tent for each flowerbed, and so the world is more free…”, published on 2 September 2015. In the text, the journalist critics sarcastically, without naming them, the activists who, for protesting against local officials, had pitched a tent in a public flowerbed in the center, just in front of the Palace of the University. D’Amico mocks the spread of similar forms of protest.


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