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Milan. Defamation. Another conviction for vexatious litigation in 2 months

Sentenced to pay 2,500 euro and 7,500 euro of expenses, an architect who had asked for 200 thousand euro to Paolo Moretti of La Provincia di Como

An architect who sued for defamation the newspaper La Provincia di Como and the journalist Paolo Moretti and demanded 200,000 euro for damage compensation, saw his request rejected and was sentenced of vexatious litigation and ordered to pay € 2,500 to the accused and € 7,000 in legal fees.

The ruling was issued on August 10, 2015. Paolo Moretti, crime reporter of La Provincia, in the article “Villa Eros, compensate the condos- Double conviction for Margheritis” published on September 23, 2013 had referred to a case suffered by the architect in both a civil and a criminal trial. The professional reacted by sending a warning to the newspaper and refute the circumstances reported and, faced with a refusal, notified of a civil lawsuit for defamation.

The magistrate considered the prosecution a “vexatious litigation” filed “with obvious negligence”, and in the judgment cited article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights and the case law of the European Court. It is the second case of a conviction for vexatious litigation in Lombardy in just a few months: in June, the same court had sentenced Roberto Formigoni for a complaint against the TV show Report.


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