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Milan. Identified journalists who intervened at migrants centre

Some guests of the Welcome center in Bresso had called them to document the difficult conditions in which they hold the status of refugee

August 24, 2015 was a day of tension at the Welcome center for asylum seekers in Bresso, in the suburbs of Milan, due to protests of migrants hosted, who were protesting against the difficult living conditions and for the long residence times in the center to which they are forced to in order to see recognized their status as refugees and obtain the documents that attest it. To witness the conditions of the center, some of them called journalists and have them brought in. The police reacted by forcing reporters to go out and identified them one by one, with an initiative that has aroused the protest of the union of journalists of Lombardy.

According to a reconstruction, on August 24 some immigrants have invited the reporters to enter into the centre to witness, with their cameras, the difficult conditions in which they live. The police tried to prevent the entry of reporters. But some migrants were able to let them in. Immediately after the police intervened, the journalists were taken outside, they also sent away those who were standing at the entrance of the camp and identified them one by one. This treatment has elicited a note of protest from the union of journalists of Lombardy.



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