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Naples. Crew from “Chi l’ha Visto?” Tv show blocked by man armed with shovel

The journalist and the operators were in Giugliano to show the place where a child was injured by a stray bullet

A crew of the television show broadcast on Rai Tre Chi l’ha Visto? was attacked by a man who prevented the filming by threatening with a shovel.

It happened on 9 September in Giugliano, a city of 120,000 inhabitants in the province of Naples, in the place where, the day before, a 9-year-old boy was wounded by shrapnel from a stray bullet. The journalist Maria Lucia Monticelli recounted the episode during a live broadcast, the same evening of the attack.

She said she had gone on the spot together with the crew to try and explain the dynamics of the accident. When the crew approached the house where the child was at the time of the injury, a man came along and ordered them not to film anything. He grabbed a shovel and wielded it many times, ominously, to an operator, but without hitting him. The attack was filmed and broadcast during the live show.

After the airing of the video, the presenter Federica Sciarelli commented: we have seen “ugly images of a shovel agitated against an operator trying to do his job.”


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