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Naples. Damaged the car of a Journalist from the Daily “Il Roma”

His name is Fabio Postiglione. It is the fourth retaliation in less than two months. A boss complained of his articles. Order of Journalists and Union request meeting with the PrefectIn the night between Saturday 5th and Sunday, September 6th, 2015, in Naples, the car of the journalist Fabio Postiglione who works for the daily Roma was damaged. Presumably with a stick, someone remained unknown smashed the rear window of his car, an Opel Corsa, parked in the street near his home, in the Chiaia district. It is the fourth damage that he has suffered in less than two months. Postiglione follows judicial news for the Neapolitan daily. Recently, a boss of the Camorra has manifested annoyance for his articles. The journalists’ organizations have expressed solidarity with the journalist and called for a meeting at with the Prefect.
On Sunday, September 6 the journalist has decided to break the silence and announced on Facebook what had happened to him, expressing his concern. The next day he reported the incident to the police in Naples referring also of the damages he sustained earlier. In late July, someone punctured the wheels of his car. A week later someone sabotaged the disc brake of his scooter. A few days later someone smashed a rearview mirror of his car. “One night they even tried to follow me from the garage to the house”, Postiglione told Ossigeno.
As the solidarity statement by the Order of Journalists of Campania, the United journalists union of Campania and of national councilors from Campania of FNSI reads, the name of Postiglione was quoted in a threatening context, “a month ago in phone taps between a boss and his family. The clan chief said clearly that Il Roma was stirring ‘trouble’.”
Postiglione reported to Ossigeno of having received a phone call from the wife of the clan chief of the hill area of Naples who had asked him to edit an article about her husband, who had been arrested. The reporter recently also dealt with the ongoing feud in the Spanish Quarters for the partition of the drugs business.
PROTECTION – “After four damages, you have questions, you worry and you also look to be cared for” Postiglione told Ossigeno, explaining how the need to be protected arises and reminding of the other damages, already reported to the authorities. “A year and a half ago – he said – I have received anonymous phone calls. They also threatened me through the intercom of the house, in the middle of the night. In 2005, someone set fire to my car. I started as a journalist two years before.”
SOLIDARITY -The Order of Journalists of Campania, Trade Union and Union of Italian Reporters have expressed strong concerns “for the proliferation of episodes of this nature.” In a press release, the UNCI President, Alessandro Galimberti, has called for “a political debate on the need to stem the escalation also through a harshening of penalties and precautionary measures for the threats and acts of intimidation against journalists.” Order and Union, however, also ask for a meeting with the Prefects and launched the hash tag #SiamoTuttiFabioPostiglione (we are all Fabio Postiglione), that since last Sunday continues to record statements of solidarity by fellow journalists and from the institutional world.


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