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Newspaper criticizes for sludge disposal agreement. City council files complaint

Mayor and vice-mayor of Lomello (Pavia) without asking for adjustments, accused of defamation the editor Giovanni Rossi

The journalist Giovanni Rossi, editor of the weekly L’Informatore Lomellino, received on August 13 a notification of lawsuit for libel for the article Lomello: agreement with the sludge firm, with 75,000 Euros now everything is in place until 2025, published on the newspaper on April 1 of this year.

To sue Rossi was the mayor of Lomello, town of two thousand inhabitants in the province of Pavia, Silvia Roggi, and her deputy, Giuseppe Pastorizzi who did not like the content of the article and, without asking for any correction, proceeded with a legal action.

In the article the journalist criticizes the Lomello administration’s decision to sign an agreement with the sludge firm CRE Ecological Research Center Spa. The agreement, the newspaper said, “would open the doors” to the disposal of 115 million kilograms of sludge per year and would leave the same company with control over the quality of water and soil at the expense of the City.


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