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Porto Torres. The “Nuova Sardegna” criticizes, the Mayor gets angry on Facebook

On July 30, 2015 Sean Christian Wheeler decried with a post the newspaper of Sassari, which accused him of failed fulfillment of duties. The journalists protest

On July 30, 2015, the mayor of Porto Torres, Sean Christian Wheeler, has publicly insulted journalists of La Nuova Sardegna who had criticized him for not approving the municipal budget within the prescribed period. The mayor responded with a post on Facebook denying the delay and stating that the newspaper and its reporters are biased and incompetent. The journalists’ organizations have protested against the mayor and think to sue the mayor for defamation.

The mayor reacted instinctively to an article published on the same day in which the newspaper accused the Municipality of Sassari of failing to approve the budget for 2015 within the final deadline of 30 July, and thus risk being commissioned.

The mayor replied that such deadline for his municipality had been extended to 30 September. So he accused the newspaper of being “wasted paper” paid for by the old parties. The newspaper responded by reiterating the validity of the deadline for Porto Torres and said that an Ad ActaCommissioner from the Region would be coming soon.

“The Order of Journalists of Sardinia and the Press Association of Sardinia – said in a joint statement – are totally in solidarity with the editors of the New Sardinia, heavily defamed by the mayor of Porto Torres through a post, more violent than it was easy to read, published on his Facebook page. In this country, the freedom of the press is still a common good and the rules of civilized life yet have value: the Order and the union will be alongside the colleagues of La Nuova Sardegna in all legal initiatives, may they be public or criminal, which they will want embark on to protect themselves from rickety and scary attack, informing on the account of those who deliver it and the political culture they belong to.”


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