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Puglia. Region counicllor announces lawsuit against reporter of La Repubblica

Lello Parise commented: “There is a case file.” He wrote that Pino Romano is among the suspects in an investigation on the ASL of Brindisi

The Regional Councillor of the Democratic Party Pino Romano has announced his intention to sue Lello Parise, a journalist for La Repubblica from Bari, for an article entitled “Region, 30% of councillors of the Democratic Party and Civic Lists has legal problems”, published on July 29th, 2015. “If he thinks to intimidate me, he is wrong. His name – the journalist reported to Ossigeno – is in a judicial file.”

According to the reporter, in 2013 Romano would have been investigated as part of an inquiry into the ASL of Brindisi. In the article, Parise highlights all the cases in which, following the regional elections, the positions of institutional significance were awarded to people who had had problems with the law, contrary to the announcement by the President of the Region, Michele Emiliano, before being elected.


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