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Puglia. San Giovanni Rotondo. Burning of the car of reporter Gennaro Tedesco

It was parked in the street near his home. The freelance journalist has already faced acts of intimidation for his critical articles

In the night between Friday 11 and Saturday, September 12, 2015, at around 3.00 o’clock, in San Giovanni Rotondo (in the province of Foggia), the car of the freelance journalist Gennaro Tedesco was burned. The car, a Fiat Multipla, was parked on the street, in Corso Matteotti, near the reporter’s home. The assumption that it was an intentional arson attack was confirmed after the intervention of the Road Relief and the police. Order and Union of Journalists of Puglia have called the arson an act of intimidation that adds up to others already suffered by the journalist because of his articles that denounce murky business practices and criminal infiltrations.

In 2011 another car of Gennaro Tedesco was burned and last year, on his land, his trees were burnt, as reported by ilfattodelgargano.it. On June last, Tedesco suffered a virulent personal attack on Facebook by a candidate to the regional council. “Once again we have to reluctantly record attacks, albeit verbal ones, yet violent and full of rage against a fellow journalist guilty only of wanting to tell the facts,” the Order of Journalists of Puglia wrote on that occasion.


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