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Reggio Emilia. Mafia threats to the editor of the Telereggio news service

The date goes back to 2012. Two men suspected and arrested for the investigation of the DDA of Bologna “Aemilia” and accused of being area chiefs of the ‘ndragheta clan Great Aracri

On 27 February 2012, the journalist Gabriele Franzini, director of the news service of the broadcaster Telereggio of Reggio Emilia was threatened by two men linked to the ‘ndrangheta clan Great Aracri, Gianluigi Sarcone and Alfonso Diletto that, after seeing the service that was aired the day before, went to visit him and ordered him not to give further information on the trial “Dirty money” of the DDA (anti mafia directorate) of Milan in which they were involved. In particular, addressing Diletto, Sarcone would have said: “this one here, we’ll sort him out”. Sarcone and Diletto were arrested on January 28th, 2015 along with 27 other people following the investigation “Aemilia”, on charges of being area chiefs of a criminal syndicate linked to the ‘ndrangheta operating in the Emilia Romagna region. They are now under investigation for attempted domestic violence and collusion with the mafia in the second part oof the judicial inquiry, called “Aemilia bis”. The news was announced on August 23, 2015 by the newspaper “Gazzetta di Reggio”.

The prosecution alleges against the authors of the threats to Franzini, the aggravating circumstances “of having committed the act with the typical methodology of the mafia, giving full evidence to be part of a larger group well known to the journalist, and in order to facilitate the action of the mafia association.” In the “Aemilia” investigation by the DDA of Bologna, which contests criminal association of mafia type to 54 people, an episode of threats against another journalist had already been revealed: Sabrina Pignedoli, of the editorial staff of Reggio of the daily Resto del Carlino and collaborator of the ANSA news agency, threatened by a police officer of the police headquarters of Reggio Emilia.


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