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Senator insults Journalist during Press Conference

“You are dishonest. A little communist, even a bit of an asshole”, Vincenzo D’Anna replied to the journalist Alessandro De Angelis of the Huffington Post

The journalist Alessandro De Angelis, collaborator of the Huffington Post Italy, on July 29, 2015 has been publicly insulted by Senator Vincenzo D’Anna in the room Nasiriyah of the Senate, at the conclusion of the conference to present the new parliamentary group baptized by Denis Verdini. The reporter asked him to clarify his relationship with the former lawmaker Nicola Cosentino, who was arrested for corruption and relations with the clan of the Camorra who illegally disposed of toxic wastes in Campania. Unlike Cosentino, the senator replied, “you are dishonest. A little communist. And a bit of an asshole.” De Angelis received solidarity on social networks by representatives from the world of politics and journalism.  (watch the video)


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